Movie Makers

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Unleash your child’s creativity while teaching future relevant skills!

This program is curated for our little creative minds who are awed and driven by media and entertainment. Several new lucrative career segments are emerging in the creative arts. This program combines futuristic creative skills with emerging technologies which will introduce students to a world of fun, learning and career perspective.

With the advent of so many platforms, kids now have access to a lot of content that has fueled their creativity and imagination. Young Movie Makers is a platform that will give them access to tools and technology to explore their talents and hone their creative skills, while developing their confidence and personality. From story writing to editing movie or organizing events like Oscars and Cannes, this program will show them the magical world of Content creation and production. Think of the famous Vloggers or Youtube Stars, may be you would be the next one!

Tech Take away from this program:

  • Creative writing software
  • Sound recording and mixing
  • Photography and Video Editing

Young Movie Maker will help our students with:

  • Public speaking and communication
  • Story writing skills
  • Acting and Emoting
  • Editing, mixing and using technology to enhance a video, photograph or other content
  • Working around the deadlines without hampering a project
  • Personality development and confidence
  • Project Management Skills
  • Team building and peer association


Multiple levels Program

Our program is available in multiple levels, suited to different age groups. And you can choose to attend our programs in Physical Face to Face format or Online Classes conducted by our high quality teaching team based in UAE itself!

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