Super ROBO

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We teach Robotics the way it should truly be learnt!

SuperRobo is different from other robotics classes. Most Robotics classes turn out to be Robot assembly classes, with the mechanical construction of robots as the primary takeaway. With Superkids, its different. We correlate real life Science and Math to the world of robots. Every Robotics class explains kids about STEM principles that are being applied to each robotics project that they take up. This helps kids improve their ability to understand scientific and mathematical concepts, while developing their critical thinking, concentration, creativity and real-world application skills.

Tech Take Away from the SuperRobo Program:

  • Understanding how robots work
  • Coding for Robotics
  • Hands on UN SDG based projects
  • Design and print your own 3D structure on 3D printer
  • Drone Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Robot
  • Design of autonomous driving cars
  • Introduction to the fascinating world of Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Virtual/ Physical Drone programming
  • Learn and program self balancing little robot
  • Beginners to advanced ARDUINO robotic projects
  • Design 3D print and assemble your Robo Design
  • Hands on robotics project with popular kits
  • Exploring STEAM with some interesting tits and bits
  • Drone design principles

According to numerous studies, Robotics in STEM education provides a multi-disciplinary and experiential learning, which can significantly influence and enhance a kid’s outlook towards learning. Using robots to teach STEM helps children understand how technology has impacted our lives and would continue to do so in years to come.


10 Levels of Program

Our program is available in multiple levels, suited to different age groups. And you can choose to attend our programs in Physical Face to Face format or Online Classes conducted by our high quality teaching team based in UAE itself !


  • Understand basics of electronics, electrical and mechanical engineering concepts inside a robot.
  • Explore how Science and Mathematics concepts that they learn in school are used to design Robots
  • Experience hands on experience of theoretical concepts learned
  • Develop their own robots with kits or simulation
  • Improve their problem-solving skills, by analysing and ideating on possible solutions
  • Learn 21st century skills like analytical skills, creative thinking, collaborative skills etc
  • Create innovative projects and thereby make their dreams come true with futuristic technologies

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