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Personality. Influence. Confidence.

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Have you ever noticed the difference between those who sit in the audience and those who stand up on the stage and conduct amazing events? It’s simple – the ones on stage radiating incredible confidence and electric personality were taught public speaking and communication skills when they were in school. Possibly their parents encouraged them early or some teachers found that spark in them. But a journey that may have had small beginnings, had long ranging impact on their life making these kids bolder, more confident, energetic and amazingly impressive in social settings.

Personality. Influence. Confidence.

Public speaking, communication and confidence are critical factors in the future success of a child regardless of choice of career and profession. Every child must develop the ability to convey oneself effectively whether it is in one-to-one settings, group situations, online meeting scenarios or even communicating with an audience through social media platforms. You could be convincing a group of people, influencing team members, selling an idea, being assertive in stressful situations, persuading someone, exhibiting self-esteem, acing an interview, making a presentation or simply living a happier, successful life with a high degree of self-confidence.

An amazing by-product of public speaking skills is that it boosts academic performance!

There is a significant impact of public speaking on a child’s academic performance. Research shows that kids who speak confidently perform better in class. Through public speaking, children learn various skills like presentation skills, communication skills, critical thinking skills, listening skills, etc. that enable them to present ideas with much clarity, conviction and confidence.

Why Now?

While the thought of public speaking can make many adults nervous, children can overcome this fear by getting exposed to it early in their lives. With a little help, children might think of public speaking as a joy rather than fear and achieve infectiously high levels of self-confidence, a magnetic personality and leadership skills. This can further help the child to explore life and face it’s many challenges with a bold and fearless outlook, thereby setting up the platform for personal happiness and professional success. The earlier they begin, the better. But it’s never too late to learn public speaking skills and develop oodles of confidence.

Why SuperSpeaker?

We at Superkids are passionate about the importance of public speaking skills. In our 15 years of working with top performing students in the region and sending them to the world’s top universities, we have observed clear benefits to students who are better public speakers over other students who are not. We have regularly witnessed students who are good communicators to be more confident and bold in every walk of life and using that skill to achieve top grades and get into top colleges. And these same students are now working in some of the top corporations across the world such as

Get your child an unfair advantage

We have clearly seen that students with better public speaking skills, higher confidence and stronger personality, have a huge “unfair advantage” over their peers. And we are on a mission to democratize this key secret of life-success. Thus we are bringing together amazing trainers who will help your child develop this critical 21st century skill. Get your child onboard quickly. Remember Rome was not build in a day!

Through this program our students will:

With us, you are in good hands:

Superkids has been conceptualised by the Harvard IIM IIT team, that has been behind the incredible success of Knowledge Planet LLC education group. We are GCC’s largest After School Learning institution with 13 branches all over UAE, coaching high school students for some of the world’s most competitive college admission exams. We coach 2500+ students every year through offline as well as online modes. Our success rates with students are absolutely phenomenal which is indicated by our industry leading results of 400+ selections into top colleges internationally, year after year.

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